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More than anything we want to make our clients happy. This starts and ends with us. We put much thought and effort into making sure that we have a great working environment that encourages well being, creativity, openness and collaboration. Let us know how we can make you happy. If it's digital, we can deliver.

From strength to strength

A passion for high quality service and measurable results quickly led to new clients, a broader service and additional staff. Within a couple of years, the company picked up multiple major brands and achieved rapid growth, leading to offices in Leeds and London, and is now a full service digital marketing agency.

Understanding our clients' needs

The best way of serving of our clients is to understand their real marketing objectives before we determine the best course of action to fit their need. We have worked with a wide variety of clients from various sectors.

An agile approach to planning

We plan our work in small steps, regularly measuring performance against predetermined goals. Our focus is on delivering real results and an agile approach means we can change course when necessary to ensure we succeed.

Core values


We are defined by a strong set of values that every member of the team embraces:

  • >>Delivering value for money: Measurable results and a return on investment
  • >>Transparency: Clients see exactly what we do for them
  • >>Creative bravery: All ideas are considered in the drive to deliver results
  • >>Attention to detail: Our work must be high quality
  • >>Ownership: Team members take full responsibility for what they do
  • >>Versatility: Multi-skilled professionals who can rise to a challenge
  • >>Pride in our work: We care about what we do and the results that we achieve
  • >>Ethics: We believe in making a positive contribution to the world


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If it's digital we can deliver!


We are a truly agile digital marketing agency which makes us more efficient in delivering a return on investment. Agile means monitoring and regulating our activities to achieve the greatest outcomes.

It’s all about understanding our clients and their customers, and determining real objectives that we then achieve through effective social media strategy and digital marketing engagement.

Our Team

Gerald Villarreal
Development Manager
Ana Berry
Digital Media Manager
John Lee
Chief Web Designer
Lisa William
Creative Director

Social Media






We pride ourselves on the work ethic we aspire to, which includes a strong attention to detail, personal ownership, creative bravery, and a passion for results. Our agile approach to project management and the versatility of our team means we are ready for every kind of project and we have achieved great results for a range of clients from the very small to the very large across a wide spectrum of industries.

They really measure your success through their professional skills.
Teams are talented people and businesses, I'd like to work with them again.
The power of a great idea to spark the imaginations of many.
John is a great freelance developer, he specialises in Craft CMS and full-stack development.

About Us

AnkleMedia was the brain child of its owner and founder, While working within a newspaper group, we spotted the shift from traditional to digital marketing methods.

This led to our career change and worked in multiple local marketing agencies refining our skills in digital marketing and working our way up to Digital Marketing Director level.

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