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6 Reasons Why Your Adwords Campaigns May Be Failing

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can be one of the most effective or most frustrating ways to grow your business. Here at My Social Agency, we use PPC for a wide variety of clients, ranging from local nurseries to large national estate agency franchises. While our Adwords Optimisation is highly focused on even the tiniest detail within a PPC campaign, one thing…

6 Reasons Why Your Adwords Campaigns May Be Failing
How to Get More Organic Instagram Followers

How to Get More Organic Instagram Followers

Bakers, bloggers, influencers, brewers… It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, Instagram has a place for you. That rhymed… moving on. As 2018 rolls ever closer, it’s a great time to boost your follower numbers before launching campaigns in the run up to Christmas and the New Year. So how do you do it without resorting to…

Unlock the Secrets of Your Users with Heatmap Testing

Customers always have something to teach us, and sometimes you can learn as much from the potential customers you lost as from the ones who completed the purchase process. Today, we’re focusing on Heatmap Testing, what you can learn from it, and how you can use this data to optimise your site and User Experience (UX). There are lots of…

Unlock the Secrets of Your Users with Heatmap Testing

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    Digital marketing that delivers


    We help you by looking at the problem you want to solve and matching our services appropriately to meet the need. That could mean carrying out one specific activity or a combination of many. We’re a social media agency, but our comprehensive range of services can be split into four main categories: Design and Development, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media.

    Social media marketing means communicating and engaging with your audience. Our campaigns focus on developing relationships with real people and taking them on a journey with your brand.
    We can redesign part or all of your website or build you an app to achieve your digital marketing objectives.
    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will increase your site's search engine ranking, draw in the most relevant traffic and maximise revenue streams from your site's visitors.
    As a content marketing agency we work closely with brands to create, develop and promote content that excites, inspires, informs and entertains. Content is created with measurable marketing objectives in mind, to achieve results.

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    If it's digital we can deliver!


    We are a truly agile digital marketing agency which makes us more efficient in delivering a return on investment. Agile means monitoring and regulating our activities to achieve the greatest outcomes.

    It’s all about understanding our clients and their customers, and determining real objectives that we then achieve through effective social media strategy and digital marketing engagement.

    Our Team

    Tony Martin
    Development Manager
    Joyce Berry
    Digital Media Manager
    John Doe
    Chief Web Designer
    Petra William
    Creative Director

    Social Media




    HTML & CSS


    We pride ourselves on the work ethic we aspire to, which includes a strong attention to detail, personal ownership, creative bravery, and a passion for results. Our agile approach to project management and the versatility of our team means we are ready for every kind of project and we have achieved great results for a range of clients from the very small to the very large across a wide spectrum of industries.

    They really measure your success through their professional skills.
    Teams are talented people and businesses, I'd like to work with them again.
    The power of a great idea to spark the imaginations of many.
    John is a great freelance developer, he specialises in Craft CMS and full-stack development.

    About Us

    My Heg was the brain child of its owner and founder, While working within a newspaper group, we spotted the shift from traditional to digital marketing methods.

    This led to our career change and worked in multiple local marketing agencies refining our skills in digital marketing and working our way up to Digital Marketing Director level.

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    F2 92 Kirkstall Road, Leeds LS3 1LT, UK
    + (44) 0113 827 2355
    Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 17:30 GMT